Posted by: singingfrog78 | March 16, 2008

Almost a year later

and I am finally using this thing again. To my friends….I can’t promise this will become a regular thing because let’s face it, we all know it won’t. Let’s see…about a year later and I still love my job. I still listen to great music and have fantastic friends. I would like to say that life has slowed down some but it hasn’t. Now for those who know me….are you suprised? I didn’t think so. I’m still confused about my church. Do I stay, find someplace else……we’ll see. I’m sticking it out which sounds so weird to say but it’s true. I feel like I should give them more of chance, but I feel so disengaged. The merry-go-round of preachers is getting old. I know we are still looking for one but can we not just find one interim? I mean seriously, I never know what I am going to get. It’s all a bit frustrating. I know who I don’t want to hear because I don’t like his delivery. I need more than just a little substance and jokes. Am I alone in wanting that? I don’t think so.

Anyway other than that things are great.



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