Posted by: singingfrog78 | February 12, 2007

Alone in a church of thousands

Okay so I know some of you will totally disagree with me, and that’s fine. i’m just going to state my opinion.

So I go to church at 9:30 because I like to have my whole day open after. Anyway, I went to church on Sunday and for being such a “friendly church” I felt ignored an alone. The greeters were too ingrossed in their own conversations to ask how you were. They just stuck their hand out. Then you go in and sit down–alone—and again you are ignored. You can smile at someone and they look the other way. Heck the people even 2 chairs down ignore you. Way to make someone feel welcome. If I, being a member feel this way, then I can only imagine what a visitor fells like.

Now my next issue….can there just be one time, one year when we are not asked to give more money. I give all I can. I work two jobs so I can pay all my bills and have some on the side for a little entertainment. Who’s going to pay the bills if I can’t…not the church. So no I am not giving anymore exta. My tithe should be enough. In my honest opinion they were not good stewards of the extra money given the past two years. We build a new church that is already…TOO SMALL! I’m not against growth…growth is great, but the plan to handle it seemed to have been poor.

Finally, I love the music, but find the message lacking. Yes it is a church for seekers, but eventually the seeker wants more. I want a deeper message. I think I am finally ready to seriously consider a different church.



  1. I’m sorry that you felt so alone at church…

  2. Hey Julie – Matt Davis. Just stumbled on your blog by linking from others. I don’t think you are alone in feeling that way on a Sunday. I certainly miss a lot of the community I had in smaller churches. But they became walled off clubs. Every church has problems, and ours is not alone in that. I have struggled with this issue many times at Westside. I think if you are contemplating a change you should meet with Dave or one of the other pastors and talk over your concerns before you go. They won’t try to talk you out of it, but one on one conversation with Dave and other pastors always helps me understand where we are headed and also to see the humility they have. They don’t believe the church has it all together and the minute they start believing that they know it will collapse. Hope you don’t leave, but I understand where you are coming from.

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