Posted by: singingfrog78 | January 16, 2007

So much for resting

Living a soccer player/coaches dream!
I left Tuesday night for Indianapolis to work the NSCAA convention. Famous coaches and players everywhere. I must say that my highlight was spending about 1 1/2 hours up in the Presidents suite with Anson Dorrance (UNC) and Janet Rayfield(Illinois). Who knew that Anson was so funny. I was lauging so hard I was crying. Earlier in the week I was in the same room with the director of the USF and Bruce Arena. I had a conversation with Tony DiCicco.  I met Ethan Zohn from Survivor who is way more beautiful in person. (I now have his business card).

Of course there was also time with my Red Aprons. They are past presidents, honor award people, and hall of famers. People like 1950 World Cup Captain and former Penn State coach Walter Bahr and Bill Shellenberger from the University of Virginia. Shellenberger retired in 1998 as the second-winningest coach in collegiate history. They are some of the greatest men I have ever met and their wives are amazing also.

Oh we also had a hot man of the day list. That was fun.

If I had to say DAVID BECKHAM ISN’T HERE! One more time I was going to scream. Believe me if he was here, I would have his badge.


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