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Almost a year later

and I am finally using this thing again. To my friends….I can’t promise this will become a regular thing because let’s face it, we all know it won’t. Let’s see…about a year later and I still love my job. I still listen to great music and have fantastic friends. I would like to say that life has slowed down some but it hasn’t. Now for those who know me….are you suprised? I didn’t think so. I’m still confused about my church. Do I stay, find someplace else……we’ll see. I’m sticking it out which sounds so weird to say but it’s true. I feel like I should give them more of chance, but I feel so disengaged. The merry-go-round of preachers is getting old. I know we are still looking for one but can we not just find one interim? I mean seriously, I never know what I am going to get. It’s all a bit frustrating. I know who I don’t want to hear because I don’t like his delivery. I need more than just a little substance and jokes. Am I alone in wanting that? I don’t think so.

Anyway other than that things are great.

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Just some stuff….

Exciting title I know….

Thursday I start full time at the NSCAA. Hello to great pay and benefits! I am so thrilled because it also gives me my weekends and evenings off. I will be travelling a bit more, but that’s okay. It also means that I have more time to road trip and see shows.  Snorty Horse here I come.

Now for the girly stuff… 

I have discovered I don’t just have a thing for drummers, I like the lead singers too. HA! I discovered last night that I am “guest list material”. Bonus…shows for free. Oh and I was also informed that “people know me.” In a good way, not the stalker/groupie way.  I must say I love my life. I have great friends, good music, and a fantastic job.

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Superfreak—bluegrass style!


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Alone in a church of thousands

Okay so I know some of you will totally disagree with me, and that’s fine. i’m just going to state my opinion.

So I go to church at 9:30 because I like to have my whole day open after. Anyway, I went to church on Sunday and for being such a “friendly church” I felt ignored an alone. The greeters were too ingrossed in their own conversations to ask how you were. They just stuck their hand out. Then you go in and sit down–alone—and again you are ignored. You can smile at someone and they look the other way. Heck the people even 2 chairs down ignore you. Way to make someone feel welcome. If I, being a member feel this way, then I can only imagine what a visitor fells like.

Now my next issue….can there just be one time, one year when we are not asked to give more money. I give all I can. I work two jobs so I can pay all my bills and have some on the side for a little entertainment. Who’s going to pay the bills if I can’t…not the church. So no I am not giving anymore exta. My tithe should be enough. In my honest opinion they were not good stewards of the extra money given the past two years. We build a new church that is already…TOO SMALL! I’m not against growth…growth is great, but the plan to handle it seemed to have been poor.

Finally, I love the music, but find the message lacking. Yes it is a church for seekers, but eventually the seeker wants more. I want a deeper message. I think I am finally ready to seriously consider a different church.

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Always read the liner notes

 Saturday was a great success! The CD Release party went better than planned. I got the new cd in my hot little hands. It’s funny because I look at it and I know how much hard work went on behind the scenes for this cd. I looked in the jacket and saw some of my photos which they always use but still cool to actually see them in the cd. They thank me all the time, but this time it was different. Right there in the Special Thanks was my name for everyone to see.  WOW! I love them.

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Glory Glory Man United!

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Rollercoaster of a weekend

Rollercoaster Weekend

Friday night: I hit the gym. Yep weights, treadmill, crunches and all.

Saturday: I worked from 12-4

Saturday night: I find out from mom that Grandpa has prostate cancer. The good news is that he is really healthy for his age so here’s hoping!

Sunday: I played in the snow with my dog. I made a snowman Henry. Actually I made two but just as I finished the first one, my dog decided that Henry should be decapitated.

Sunday night: I went to see Dreamgirls. It was fan-flippin-tastic.

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So much for resting

Living a soccer player/coaches dream!
I left Tuesday night for Indianapolis to work the NSCAA convention. Famous coaches and players everywhere. I must say that my highlight was spending about 1 1/2 hours up in the Presidents suite with Anson Dorrance (UNC) and Janet Rayfield(Illinois). Who knew that Anson was so funny. I was lauging so hard I was crying. Earlier in the week I was in the same room with the director of the USF and Bruce Arena. I had a conversation with Tony DiCicco.  I met Ethan Zohn from Survivor who is way more beautiful in person. (I now have his business card).

Of course there was also time with my Red Aprons. They are past presidents, honor award people, and hall of famers. People like 1950 World Cup Captain and former Penn State coach Walter Bahr and Bill Shellenberger from the University of Virginia. Shellenberger retired in 1998 as the second-winningest coach in collegiate history. They are some of the greatest men I have ever met and their wives are amazing also.

Oh we also had a hot man of the day list. That was fun.

If I had to say DAVID BECKHAM ISN’T HERE! One more time I was going to scream. Believe me if he was here, I would have his badge.

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You should watch

Pastor Melissa Scott.

Okay my friends, I know some of you are not night time folks but if you can manage pick a night and stay up. M-F on Pax at 11pm is Pastor Melissa Scott. This woman is amazing. She grabs your attention and speaks truth. Also she works with Greek, Latin, and many other old languages and compares the verses. It brings a lot of insight.

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Slow down and enjoy the ride!

So lately it has been a crazy mess of work, work and more work.  My spiritual life suffered, so yesterday I said “NO! I am not working tonight.” It was a great decision for me. I feel more refreshed. So here’s the deal, I am going to try to slow down and enjoy life. I know God has more planned for me than just working all the time and letting life pass by.

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